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Fishing for Litter Netherlands
Learn more about the continental arm of our project

The North Sea Directorate of the Dutch Government started, in co-operation with the fisheries association, the Fishing for Litter project in March 2000. Since then under the Save The North Sea Project, and through other regional funding since its completion.

KIMO Netherlands and Belgium has expanded the project to Stellendam, Breskens, IJmuiden, Ameland, Delfzijl, Eemshaven, Harlingen, Lauwersoog, Wieringen, Scheveningen, Colijnsplaat and Vlissingen.

The aim of the project is to clear the North Sea from litter, by bringing ashore the litter that is gathered in the fishermen's nets as part of fishing activities. Subsequently the litter was disposed of on land.  The co-operation of the vessels and their crew is without financial compensation. Idealism and a positive, modern opinion about good operating practice, is the motivation to participate.

Recent developments regarding Fishing for Litter Netherlands:

  • Launch of Fishing for Litter in The Hague in December 2008
  • Visit to the harbour of Ijmuiden to speak with  fisheries officials in November 2009
  • Workshop discussing Fishing for Litter was held in the municipality of Harlingen
  • Meeting with Fishing for Litter partners in North of the Netherlands Meeting with Fishing for Litter partners in the municipality of Wieringen
  • Fishing for Litter in IJmuiden harbour is due to launch on 1st January 2009
  • Due to make a proposal for a new Fishing for Litter project



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