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Kommunenes Internasjonale Miljøorganisasjon

Local Authorities International Environmental Organisation

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Our Action Areas
        The specific areas where KIMO acts to improve the health of Europe's seas


Explore each of the environmental issues KIMO takes action on. Each individual problem has distinct origins, issues and possible solutions. This section of the website is designed to explain how KIMO hopes to make a positive impact on each of these issues.


Nuclear Emissions and Transportation  

KIMO works toward the objective of eliminating the discharges of ultra-hazardous radioactive materials into Europe’s oceans. KIMO has been vociferous in its protests against the transportation of nuclear waste through European waters. KIMO believes nuclear waste must be contained and concentrated responsibly at its original source. KIMO persistently lobbies international organisations to encourage the use of non-reprocessing options for spent fuel to reduce emissions into the marine environment.    Learn more...



Pollution from Oil and Gas Industry

Despite improvements in environmental management, the recent expansion of the oil and gas sector has resulted in an increase in the pollution produced by this industry. KIMO has worked toward the reduction of pollution from offshore installations since successfully lobbying, along with other environmental groups, to ensure the Brent Spar and other facilities like it were not dumped into the north east Atlantic.    Learn more...   



Marine Litter

KIMO is dedicated to finding methods to reduce the volume of litter discharged into our seas. KIMO’s Fishing for Litter project is an asset to all coastal municipalities who have been involved so far; all have reported a marked decrease in litter levels on their beaches. Our work provides our members with the latest information on this serious environmental issue.    Learn more...  


Maritime Safety and Pollution   

KIMO works to promote the highest environmental, safety and occupational standards for the maritime industry. KIMO also works towards implementing a full compensation regime for all incidents of marine pollution. Finally, KIMO has coordianted Marine Awareness training for all marine professionals, reducing the chance of fatal accidents.   Learn more...  


Dumping at Sea

KIMO lobbies for the implementation of legislation to prohibit future munitions dumps into Europe’s seas. KIMO, in collaboration with the Irish government, highlighted the need for the implementation of a European ‘Independent Monitoring Programme’. This legislation now stipulates that encounters with dumped munitions are to be recorded in detail so that management options can be considered. KIMO is also working to highlight the under reported issue of iron-filing deposits in European waters.   Learn more...   



Hazardous Substances and Eutrophication

Increased levels of nutrients in surface waters cause algal blooms and other harmful impacts to the marine environment (eutrophication). KIMO provides information and guidance for municipalities to tackle these discharges and safeguard the environment.

Chemical pesticides are increasingly used to regulate the growth of agricultural products and these hazardous chemicals can often run off into the sea. This can cause serious harm to various types of sea-life. KIMO actively encourages the elimination of pesticide inputs into the marine environment from KIMO member authorities.   Learn more...    

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