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KIMO's pioneering environmental projects work to clean up our oceans

Fishing For Litter South West LaunchFishing For Litter has been an enormously successful initiative that seeks to clean up the North Sea by inviting fishermen to return litter they collect accidentally in their nets to the shore, rather than simply throwing it back over the side. 

Figure 1

Small plastic debris are seriously threatening marine 

environments as increased plastics production  means

increase plastic easte.This is an area of research that 

the University of Plymouth are actively involved in, KIMO

is fully supporting their research.


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KIMO support the Blue Flag Campaign run by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) that encourages boat owners to meet simple environmental criterion to reduce their pollution. There are currently campaigns in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the UK.

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Save the North Sea campaign was a major project with a number of partners, including KIMO, that sought to change behaviour and attitudes about marine litter in the North Sea. Research, seminars, conferences and media were used to improve the litter situation in the North Sea.

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Between April and December 2007 KIMO UK undertook a pilot project designed to see whether high quality marine environmental research could be undertaken by graduates, working from home and trawling for data on the Internet.

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As well as being actively involved in the above projects and carrying out continuous research and lobbying campaigns, KIMO holds observer status with International Organisations, which provides a great capacity to support and inform our campaigns and the work of the International Organisations.

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