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Kommunenes Internasjonale Miljøorganisasjon

Local Authorities International Environmental Organisation

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What We Do 

How KIMO approaches different environmental problems using different techniques

KIMO engages with the most serious environmental threats using practical, diplomatic and research based approaches:


 Bags for Life Aberdeen


 Through lobbying…

KIMO proactively lobbies government ministers to acknowledge and take action on the issues threatening our marine environment, The high level contact between KIMO, European governments and international organisations ensures that proposed legislation is designed to practically improve Europe's marine environment.

KIMO promotes its experience and highly-regarded research to persuade ministers to tailor marine legislation to care for our oceans and protect coastal communities. For example, KIMO was involved as a key stakeholder in the development of EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive. KIMO continues to work in close partnership with Europe’s most significant maritime organisations such as OSPAR, HELCOM and the EU, to ensure legislation is environmentally compatible with our seas’ long-term sustainability.

Lobbying is a key function of KIMO’s day-to-day activities.

 Fishing for litter 

Through demonstrative projects…

As we are a local government organisation we seek practical solutions to environmental problems. We have been successful in applying for funding to run demonstrative projects allowing us to highlight solutions to government and policymakers.

Fishing for Litter, for example, has successfully encouraged fishermen to take ashore litter they catch while fishing and the scheme has been recognised by the United Nations Environment Programme as one of the tools to reduce marine litter. KIMO will continue to seek funding for projects in the future that will benefit the coastal communities we represent.

Through research…

In order to ensure we have accurate information and evidence to back up or lobbying efforts KIMO undertakes research both internally and in collaboration with research institutes. In the past we have undertaken research into issues such as long-term liabilities for the decommissioning of offshore instillations and the economic and social cost of marine litter.

We are currently developing closer links with research institutes to ensure that we can be at the cutting edge of research in areas such as pollution by microscopic plastic particles.












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